About Us

God’s Desire Ministries Uganda is non – profit organization established in 2009 by a concerned individual and later on joined by a group of volunteers who were concerned about the devastating economic, social and Spiritual state of their community. It was founded by KEMIGISA DINAH with Orphans and widows in churches of different places. It later on improved as more women were engaged and later on the idea of an orphanage was developed. It was later on registered with two Districts of Kabarole and Kyenjojo local government as a nonprofit community based life improvement initiative and obtained certificates of authority to operate.

God’s Desire Ministries Uganda is a community based organization / Christian based organization founded in 2011 by the informed citizens of Uganda, Christian community whom God revealed the need to support the vulnerable groups more especially the orphans, the sick, widows, prisoners treating them with great humanity. And also combating HIV/AIDS victims by sharing, giving them love care and protection as one way of making their lives perfect.