Support God’s Desire Children

Help us provide an education for the village children,  in Rwenzori region, Kabarole District, Uganda.

Go Fund Me> Lord Help Me Get One More

One of the purest forms of Love I have seen expressed is at God’s Desire Ministry Uganda (GDMU).  

The Heart of God’s Desire Ministry is that there not be one hungry homeless child. One is too many.

At God’s Desire they stretch their resources as far as they possibly can and then go beyond their own territory to reach and feed One More, Lord Help Me Get One More.And He does help them get One More.

That is the purpose of this fundraiser. A new building plan to get orphans off the street and into the orphanage with family, food, proper medical attention and everything needed to attend school.

Giving $1 or $5 is significant in Uganda and will make an impact in the lives of these children.  Of course larger donations are welcomed. ALL donations are a blessing and appreciated. ❤️ Thank you in advance for your consideration to giving to this worthy cause.  Pictures will be posted and updates given as we progress.

Blessings to you all